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www.Luxury-Leather-Goods.co.uk was from born from an idea to supply good quality ladies leather handbags, men's leather messenger bags and leather accessories to customers worldwide at reasonable prices.

Step into your average high street shop and a decent sized, fashionable leather handbag can set you back about £250 - often leaving the customer with the option of buying a similar bag constructed from plastic for £70!

However, at www.Luxury-Leather-Goods.co.uk, you can now buy a fashionable, large leather handbag in the region of £70, or a medium sized leather shoulder bag/men's leather messenger bag from only £50 (please note prices are not definite, but we try to stay within that range). There is a common misconception that larger chains offer better prices than smaller boutiques, but as you can see, they can't.

Regardless of which range meets your budget, our aim is to present a product range that is unique and exclusive. You may not find familiar high street brands here, but you will find lots of glamorous leather handbags and shoulder bags, as that is our trademark.

To keep our range nice and fresh, our stock is purchased in smaller amounts, therefore once you see the 'only 1 left' message, it is best to purchase now rather than wait 'til pay day to avoid disappointment!

Although we do try our best to create a good product selection, informative photographs and descriptions and a simple but efficient website, there are often errors that pass by unnoticed. Or perhaps you are looking for a particular leather handbag that we never seem to stock?

If so then, please kindly let us know by email and if your input is particularly valued, we may provide a discount for your next purchase.




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