It's easy! Just follow this guide to help you though...

1. To buy an item, click on the 'ADD TO BASKET' link underneath the picture of the bag. This can be found in A) Our product range pages (e.g. soft leather handbags, leather travel bags) or B) In product description pages.

A) This picture below shows how you can buy an item from the product range page:

B) This picture below shows how you can buy an item from the product description page:


2) When you click on this button, the shopping cart screen will show, with the contents of the items you've just added to the shopping cart:



Here you will have the option to remove any items you don't want to buy, or change the quantities. You will have to choose either standard delivery or next day delivery from the drop down box. Before you click on the 'CHECKOUT' button, make sure you are happy with the total first.

Once you click the 'CHECKOUT' button, the following screen will appear:



Enter your name, address, telephone number and email address here. If you want to order quickly by Credit/Debit Card, click 'CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD USING WORLDPAY'. The next screen will appear:



Here, all you have to do is click on the logo of your card type, and then the next screen below will load:



Here you have to enter your name, card number, security code (the three number digits at the back of your card) and then click 'MAKE PAYMENT' to process the payment. If the payment was successful, you will see a message to confirm this. But if you see the message in the screen below, just click on 'CONTINUE' to continue.



To make online buying more safer, most banks now require you to create a password and confirm this every time you order. The screen below will look different if you don't bank with Nationwide. Fill in any details it requests and then click on the button which asks you to proceed with your order (it might not be the same as the one below).

If you have any problems remembering passwords, contact your bank, as unfortunately we won't be able to help you with this.



Once you have completed this step, if you see the page below, just click on 'CONTINUE' to continue the order...



And voila! The order is completed. You should receive an email now to confirm your order, and then we will send another email to let you know once your item is dispatched.










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